Q. Do I need to book an appointment?
Yes, we get really busy at times, to avoid any disappointment please ring us to book an appointment in advance.

Q. What happens if it is raining?
We are unable to polish paintwork nor can we undertake any interior valeting in the wet unless you can provide cover. If this is the case we will let you know on the day.

Q. The car I have just bought looks as though it has never had a valet service. What can I expect from your complete service?
From shampooing the carpet to totally cleaning every square inch of it, inside and out, you can expect it to look as new as it can be made to look.

Q. Is it true that not having a regular valet service can result in having a vehicle loose up to 30% of its resale value?
It is true, people like to purchase a car that has had the inside taken care of as well as the outside.